Yahoo VoIP Much Better Than Skype for Low-Bandwidth Links

For free VoIP communications, you're much better off with Yahoo than Skype. There's much less chance your voice -- or that of the other party -- will get broken up.

This was first pointed out to your current interlocutor when he was on holiday in Eritrea recently -- I had naive notions of Skyping back to the First World.

Eritrea is a fascinating place, a developing country (good salary: $5/day) with some 2,500 years of continuous culture, beautiful women, "Old Testament" Christianity, dictatorial politics, wonderful Art Deco buildings, cafes to hang out in, no tourists (I met two others in three weeks), and so on. However, the entire country shares a 6Mbit/sec link to the outside world. Hence efficient bandwidth use is of the essence.

My Eritrean geek friends quickly steered me to Yahoo for VoIP, and told me to forget Skype.

... David Ferris, with thanks to Fishahaye

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  1. By IT Blogwatch on October 5, 2006 at 2:35 AM

    Vista’s SPP: bastard child of WPA and WGA?

    How YOU doin’? It’s IT Blogwatch, in which Microsoft promises never to kill your PC, oh no, no way, not at all, next question? Not to mention geek wallets…

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