Goodbye Eudora, Hello Mozilla Penelope

Qualcomm announced that it's giving up on developing the venerable Eudora email client. Instead, it's working with the Mozilla Foundation to help Eudora users migrate to the open source Thunderbird client. The project to do this is known as Penelope.

Penelope will add several features to Thunderbird, including:

  • Data and settings import, to help with migration
  • User interface options, to make the client more familiar for Eudora users (e.g., keyboard accelerators)
  • Stationery

This is good news for Eudora users. Eudora hasn't had a bright future for some considerable time -- it's hardly been a shining star on Qualcomm's balance sheet. This will move Eudora users onto a more stable code platform -- one that's being actively developed.

This is also good news for Thunderbird users, as it adds new ideas to the development team -- a team that at times can feel like the ugly sister compared to the Firefox browser.

... Richi Jennings

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  1. Posted October 17, 2006 at 2:11 AM | Permalink is a newsgroup (accessible via newsreader or web) to discuss Penelope and help make it the client we want it to be. I hope Eudora and Thunderbird users, developers, as well as any potential Penelope users will participate.

    NNTP Newsreader: Server is


    Thanks for permission to mention the newsgroup in this comment!


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