Network Solutions and Voltage Do Hosted Encryption

Network Solutions has launched MessageGuard, which is a managed email encryption service aimed at consumers and SMEs. It's based on Voltage Security's Identity-Based Encryption (IBE) offering, so Network Solutions joins Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services (formerly FrontBridge) in offering a managed service.

When we wrote our recent report on Voltage's competitor Identum, we said that one of the benefits is that Identum's key management is a managed service. Now even the smallest organization can choose between managed encryption services using two technologies where the encryption keys are based on the users' identities. SME use of encryption is becoming more important for two main reasons:

  • Consumer privacy is becoming more of an issue.
  • Organizations in regulatory compliance regimes increasingly need to communicate with SME partners in a way that's secure.

MessageGuard costs $9.99 per user per month, or $8.99 if you set up five or more users, which compares favorably with our TCO figures for running a Voltage infrastructure in-house.

... Richi Jennings

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