Permanent Connections Are Key for Low Message Latency

Content Control Solutions Must Extend to End Points

Email ECM in MS Office 2007 Is Unclear

As we mentioned yesterday, Microsoft is emphasizing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) features in Office 2007. This is good news for everyone, except perhaps for email users. From the email standpoint, it’s not clear how good the news is. Hopefully, email will be easily and naturally integrated. But that’s hard. That’s why ECM packages focus either […]... read more »

SAMSUNG Electronics Reports Third-Quarter 2006 Financial Results

Samsung Electronics released results for 3Q2006, ended September 30. Revenue increased 5% to KRW15.22 trillion ($15.8 billion) with net income of KRW2.19 trillion ($2.27 billion). read more »

McAfee, Inc. Acquires Onigma Ltd.

McAfee announced that it has acquired Onigma, a provider of data protection solutions that monitor, report and prevent confidential data from leaving the enterprise, for $20 million. read more »

StrongMail Systems Launches New Transactional Email Server

StrongMail announced StrongMail Transactional Email Server, its high-performance email server online retailers. Key features: dynamic message assembly; back-end integration with e-commerce, customer service and CRM systems; and deliverability reporting; among others. Available immediately. read more »

Marshal Shields the Workplace from Child Porn and Sexually Explicit Images

Marshal released an enhancement to MailMarshal SMTP 2006, its email messaging solution. Adds integration for Image Analyzer’s deep porn scan engine. Available immediately. read more »

Goodbye Eudora, hello Thunderbird

Article discussing Qualcomm’s partnership with Mozilla to create Penelope, a customized version of the Thunderbird email client that will be optimized as the replacement for Eudora. read more »

PeopleCube Announces New Version of Resource Scheduler

PeopleCube released version 7.7 of Resource Scheduler, its meeting room scheduling and resource management solution. Key enhancements: integration with Outlook address book or other address book applications, new proxy functionality, and built-in reports, among others. Available immediately. read more »

10 Tips for Backing Up Your Messaging

Article providing tips for backing-up messages and deciding between backup and archiving. read more »

David Ferris : ECM in MS Office 2007

Peter de Haas Weblog: Click Here for Story... read more »