Email ECM in MS Office 2007 Is Unclear

As we mentioned yesterday, Microsoft is emphasizing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) features in Office 2007. This is good news for everyone, except perhaps for email users.

From the email standpoint, it's not clear how good the news is. Hopefully, email will be easily and naturally integrated. But that's hard. That's why ECM packages focus either on doing email well, or on handling other types of content well.

The briefings we've had from Microsoft are inconclusive about the email ECM capabilities. This is an important area to quiz Microsoft about, and we look forward to learning more.

... David Ferris

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    Based on this short post it is hard to determine what the exact definition of ECM with regards to email is and how the briefing you are referring to addressed this.

    Standard the Microsoft ECM functionlaity in the platform provides good integration between SharePoint as the (records management) repository and Outlook.

    Although the ECM whitepaper up on the Microsoft site ( is not exhaustive on this topic, it says the following :

    Paragraph 3.4
    “Records can be captured from external sources like document management systems, e-mail servers and Microsoft Outlook and routed to the correct location in the repository”

    Again a lot of this is related to what exactly you define as “email ECM capabilities” …

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    Hi David,

    Although I’m not sure what you’re looking for, you might be interested in a presentation by Ethan Gur-esh, program manager at Microsoft: Compliance And Records Management In Microsoft Office And Exchange 2007.

    Best regards,
    Michiel Hazen

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