Email That Doesn’t Leave an Electronic Record

People need to be able to have conversations that don't leave records. That's true in business -- such as when you want to bat about ideas about how well someone is doing. And it's true in your private life -- such as when you want to murmur sweet nothings into that special person's ear (yes, that means you).

One problem with email is that it leaves traces, and these traces can easily be searched. VaporStream thinks it has a simple solution. You email people via its Web site, through a Web browser. Emails are shown to recipients via a Web browser. They can't be forwarded or saved. They're stored at every point as a graphic, and no record is kept of the images.

Images are hard to interpret as text. So VaporStream offers a useful technology for private conversations. The newly launched service costs $40/user/year. We'd like to see a free trial option though.

... David Ferris

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