Manage Exchange Storage Growth With SharePoint 2007

Attachment files are the major driving force behind the enormous growth in Exchange message stores. It is hard to imagine using email without attaching files (e.g., photos, Word documents, PowerPoint decks). Any effort to limit the use of attachments would certainly meet strong resistance. Mailbox quotas are an indirect way to limit the use of attachment files, but it simply drives email offline into PST files and creates new challenges.

Exchange 2007 promises to allow mailbox sizes to be much larger than today, but we still need to be convinced that this will solve the acute problem experienced by some organizations.

However, Microsoft SharePoint 2007 also promises to solve the attachment storage problem, while adding additional functionality. SharePoint functions as a central repository of information and allows for efficient sharing of documents. SharePoint can keep track of versions, manage access and permissions, and alert members of activity. SharePoint allows team members to save time and reduce the number of emails with attachments that would otherwise have to pass through Exchange.

... Bob Spurzem

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  1. Brian Gurnett
    Posted January 1, 2008 at 3:25 PM | Permalink

    Any suggestions on how to migrate old (stand alone desktop) PSTs and their attachments into a new central Exchange/ SharePoint server.

    Do we need to pass them through Exchange and then on to SP?

    Do we strip out the attachments into a legacy Attachment Library leaving links from the emails?

    Since we have many attachments which may not be searchable (eg image only pdfs and old winfax and Paperport .max files) where / how to OCR process these?

    Additionally users want to be able to retain their Outlook Folder structures – which will not necessarily match a SP structure.

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