Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 to RTM in December

Exchange Server 2007 will be released to manufacturing (RTM) in December of this year. The announcement was made in David Lemson’s keynote on November 7 at the Exchange Connections conference.

Microsoft already has over 80,000 production mailboxes deployed on Exchange 2007. Many of Microsoft’s closely managed Customer Technology Adoption Program (CTAP) participants have also deployed a portion of their production infrastructures. A number of Rapid Deployment Program (RDP) customers are also in various stages of production deployment. Partner Technology Adoption Program (PTAP) members have been working on building solutions around Exchange 2007 now for as long as 18 months.

According to Paul Robichaux’s blog, during a show of hands in the keynote, approximately 25% of attendees indicated they had already installed a beta build of Exchange 2007. While that evidence is anecdotal, that’s still a good indication of the interest in this exciting major release of Exchange Server.

It’s still hard to say when we’ll actually see Exchange 2007 released to Web (RTW) on

... David Sengupta

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