Skype 3.0 Beta

On November 8, Skype launched a beta of its 3.0 version for Windows. Notable new or enhanced features include:

  • Skypecasts -- enhanced free conference calls that anyone can join.
  • Public chats -- free chatrooms that can be publicized on Web pages.
  • Click-to-call -- enhanced browser plugins for Firefox and IE that hunt out phone numbers on the Web page you're looking at and convert them into buttons that initiate calls using Skype.
  • Extras -- Skype's ecosystem for third-party plugins now has much higher prominence.
  • Skype API -- enhanced application programming interface, including call transfer functionality.
  • Streamlined user interface.

Skype has also published an improved Guide for Network Administrators, with much useful guidance on deployment and clarification of the SuperNode/relay issue.

... Richi Jennings

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