Microsoft Forefront Announcement Notes

Microsoft announced more details of its Forefront security software plans on Tuesday. Here's what we found interesting from the announcement:

  • The message is all about integration. Microsoft wants us to know that security software is better if it comes from the same vendor as the products it's securing.
  • Active Directory is a key component to make this integration happen.
  • Vista will be something of a Trojan horse to persuade customers into buying Forefront.
  • It includes new capabilities to continually audit the security of desktop PCs and generate reports, based on template rules supplied by Microsoft and updated using Microsoft Update. Example rules: Is auto-login enabled? Will the password expire frequently enough?
  • Forefront for Exchange only supports Exchange 2007.
  • Microsoft freely admits that Forefront for Exchange's look and feel is inconsistent with other Microsoft products. It's still very much the Sybari Antigen user experience.
  • Exchange store scanning can be restricted to messages recently delivered. This allows improved performance while protecting against recent virus outbreaks (i.e., the so-called zero-day problem).
  • Forefront "Premium" anti-spam includes filtering by IP reputation and spam signature -- IMF does not.

... Richi Jennings

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