It’s Good News That an Innocent Woman’s PC Was Seized by Police

What's that you say? Good news? Read on...

A Denver woman's PC gets infected by remote-access malware. Later, armed police come knocking and seize her PC as evidence. According to the local ABC news:

Investigators said someone hacked into [Serry] Winkler's computer ... and used it with a stolen credit card to make fraudulent purchases online ... "Four sheriffs from the Boulder County Sheriff's Office with flak jackets and weapons drawn pounded on my door," said Winkler. "You're just not prepared for it." ... Winkler didn't have a firewall on her computer, which she said was too old. "I've tried it, but it just slows it down so badly that I can't," she said.

We say: Good, because in many ways, we're glad this happened and that it's getting some publicity (albeit local). While we're sad that Ms. Winkler was scared and inconvenienced, a few more stories of this sort might actually make people more likely to protect their PCs. That ought to put a serious dent in the spam-spewing botnet problem.

... Richi Jennings, with thanks to Paul Ferguson

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  1. anonymouse
    Posted January 8, 2007 at 7:34 AM | Permalink

    You can’t be serious….solving a technology problem with a SWAT team ? That’s absurd.

  2. Ezight
    Posted January 26, 2007 at 6:05 PM | Permalink

    Use a Live linux CD like slax or puppy linux.

    You don’t need a hard drive to use Live OS’S on CD cause the entire OS is on CD.

    Save your work to a flashcard-….
    When your done pull out the flashcard and slip it into your pocket.

    When you shut down nothing is saved to a hard drive because your PC is now dependant on live OS’ to store info temporarily.

    Don’t let the government have squat when they take it.

    Give em a dumb terminal and say keep it—i stll got my work…….

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