Organizations Need a Routine Legal Holds Process

Organizations receiving a litigation request must place all information (new, stored, or archived) relating to the matter “on hold” in case of a subsequent discovery request. Information should be collected from virtually every source (e.g., email, IM, data repositories, records management systems) and is exempted from normal deletions associated with retention schedules.

Large organizations may have thousands of lawsuits a year. People associated with the legal matter need to be notified and their agreement confirmed to preserve information from two years back and going forward. Managing all of these notices, confirmations, and quarterly reminders takes an enormous amount of time and coordination.

Most organizations treat these requests individually as they occur and not as part of a repeatable, routine process. Creating such an automated process shifts the organization’s focus back to what it does for a living.

A company helping in this area is PSS Systems. Its Atlas product line is a legal holds management solution, which automates all notices, confirmations, and logging; it also maps data sources.

... Nancy Cox

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