Predicting User Behavior With Content Control Solutions

How does an organization spot employees who are disgruntled or about to resign, steal intellectual property, or hack systems? Content control solutions can now be used to recognize "probable intent" by analyzing what the employee is doing, writing, and sending.

For example, an employee surfs the Web over 20 hours a week visiting non-work-related sites (say, shopping, adult, gambling). The employee shows up on a list of policy abusers. Next the employee hits the "resignation," "customer," and "competition" content categories by sending out a resume and a customer list to a competitor. At this point, the company has collected a body of evidence associated with the employee. If the company is proactive, HR, legal, the manager, and the employee would then have a conversation about these activities and the matter would be resolved prior to any further breaches.

For an example of a content control product now being used to alert an organization to suspicious user behavior, see Vericept's Content 360°.

... Nancy Cox

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