New Product Reduces Exchange/BlackBerry Support

Zenprise specializes in systems that automatically diagnose Exchange problems and prescribe fixes.

The company has just announced its support for Exchange/BlackBerry connections. This will be available in late 1Q07, and it automatically deals with the following types of problems:

  • Exchange infrastructure problems impacting BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES)
  • Calendar synchronization
  • Email synchronization
  • Attachment server failures
  • MAPI connectivity problems between BES and Exchange
  • BES database connectivity
  • SRP connectivity
  • Enterprise device activation
  • BES admin permissions

Troubleshooting for mobile devices is difficult because there are multiple products and services involved from different suppliers. Some of those systems, such as the Exchange system, are themselves hard to support. The product also helps with capacity planning.

The labor-intensiveness of mobile messaging support is practical when there are relatively few users, and when those users are well-compensated, as is the case today. However, support is one of the things that holds back widespread mobile messaging deployment. So products such as Zenprise for BlackBerry promise to have a valuable role.

... David Ferris

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