Glowpoint Launches First HD Managed and On-Demand Multi-Point Conferencing Service

Glowpoint launched HD Managed and On-Demand Multi-Point Conferencing Service, its video conferencing service. Combines Glowpoint’s currently managed scheduled on-demand service with unassisted HD multi-point calling. Available immediately. read more »

fastmobile Leads the Way in Mobile Communities With its New fmX Platform

fastmobile released fastmobile eXperience, its mobile integrated communications solution. Integrates operator owned IM, portal IM communities, email and a presence-based address book into one single application. Available immediately. read more »

Packaging Military Messaging for HF Radio and other Low Bandwidth Links

Isode released “Military Messaging Over Low Bandwidth Networks,” its whitepaper. Looks in more detail at how various server components are packaged together, looking at both software and hardware combinations, and showing how users and user agents fit into the system. read more »

Best Practices for BlackBerry Mobile User Management

BoxTone released “Best Practices for BlackBerry Mobile User Management,” its whitepaper. Explores best practices that are helping organizations deliver superior service levels to often thousands of Blackberry mobile users spread across multiple geographies. read more »

eSoft Launches Integrated Desktop Anti-Virus/Spyware Suite

eSoft released Desktop Anti-Virus/Spyware Suite. Key features: policy controls, custom security reports, and central management console, among others. Available immediately. read more »

Cloudmark Authority for Mobile

Malware control vendor Cloudmark launched its Cloudmark Authority for Mobile Operators, which provides spam, virus, and phishing control to mobile service providers. The focus is on protection for email to mobile email, email to SMS, and SMS to SMS. Mobile malware is in its infancy, and products such as this should do well. Soon mobile […]... read more »

Birdstep launches SmartVoice – Mobile VoIP extension of the existing SmartConnect offering

Birdstep announced SmartVoice, its mobile VoIP extension its SmartConnect connection manager solution. Key features: Microsoft Mobile support, re-branding capabilities, a mechanism for automatic switching between WiFi and cellular networks, among others. Available 2Q2007. read more »

Novell Strengthens Workgroup Portfolio with Team Workspace and Real-Time Collaboration Offerings

Novell announced enhancements to its Workgroup Portfolio. Adds Team Workspace and Real-Time Collaboration solutions which will deliver team workspace, social networking and real-time web conferencing capabilities. read more »

Get Back Software Announces Postware 1.0 Organizations Can Now Significantly Reduce Internal Email Volume

Get Back Software released Get Back Postware, its software as a service solution that manages email volume. Gives managers the authority to apply non-cash postage to internal email sent by their employees, who are provided a daily email allowance, or budget. When daily budgets are exhausted, employees can no longer send internal email until their […]... read more »

The Evidence Is in the Email

CIO Decisions released “The Evidence Is in the Email,” its whitepaper discussing archiving and retention management policies. read more »

SPAMfighter 5.0 Now Filtering Better than Ever

SPAMfighter released version 5.0 of SPAMfighter, its anti-spam solution. Key enhancements: image spam support, improved performance, and method for filtering spam mails of various sizes, among others. Available immediately. read more »