CeBIT 2007: serVonic with New IXI-UMS Release – Unified Messaging ready for Microsoft Exchange 2007 and Windows Vista

serVonic announced version 5.7 of IXI-UMS, its unified messaging solution. Key enhancements: optimized message delivery, improved configuration and administration, and support for Exchange 2007 and Windows Vista, among others. read more »

Lemonade Mobile E-Mail Profile

Article discussing Lemonade, a standards-based approach to mobilizing IMAP and SMTP email client. read more »

Research Finds Many Enterprise Messaging Channels Remain Unprotected

Enterprise Strategy Group released “Messaging Security: Beyond Email,” its research report. Examines the policies, procedures and technologies used by large organizations to safeguard messaging technologies such as email, web mail, IM, mobile devices, and message archives. read more »

Panda Software releases Malware Radar

Panda Software released Malware Radar, its automated malware audit service. Key features: periodic malware audits, configured and run from any network computer with an Internet connection, and process is performed automatically and without intervention, among others. Available immediately. read more »

CA’s Email Archiving Products