Content Control: Profusion of Industry Terms

There’s a lot of vendor investment in technology that scans unstructured information, checks whether it satisfies policy, is compliant with regulations, and isn’t malware. Then it takes corresponding action. The industry is looking for a standard name for the technology. Different terms are used, including: Information leak prevention (ILP) Data leak prevention Data loss prevention […]... read more »

Iron Mountain–New Email Archiving Offering

Avinti Virus Control Deserves Industry Attention

Novell Teaming + Conferencing Boosts Worker and Team Productivity

Novell announced Novell Teaming and Novell Teaming + Conferencing, its team workspace and real-time collaboration solutions. Teaming allows users to create online workspaces, invite other members of the workgroup or organization to participate and use these virtual workspaces to share and access documents, calendars, discussion forums and more. Teaming + Conferencing adds real-time collaboration where […]... read more »

Socialtext goes virtual

Socialtext announced Socialtext Virtual Edition, its wiki solution. VMware image of the Socialtext open-source software geared for developers and customers interested in quickly evaluating Socialtext on their own site using their own hardware. Available immediately. read more »

Kaspersky Lab publishes new report: Keyloggers – how they work and how to detect them

Kaspersky Lab published “Keyloggers: How they work and how to detect them (Part 1),” its article on keyloggers, a type of spyware which enables malicious users to harvest passwords and other confidential data. Examples of the significant losses caused by keyloggers are also highlighted in the report, together with advice on how users and organisations […]... read more »

Yahoo! promises! unlimited! email! storage! (and the world)

ComputerWorld: Click Here for Story... read more »

Consumers Savvy About Managing Email According to ESPC Survey Results; Embrace Numerous Tools and Methods to Manage Spam Reporting and Unsubscribing

Email Sender and Provider Coalition announced the results of a survey on email behaviors of today’s consumers. Provides a general understanding of how consumers view and treat junk mail and spam, and explores more extensively their views towards spam, unsubscribe and other potential new functions for managing email.... read more »

Pinger Expands Voice Messaging Service to Millions of Blackberry and Mobile Phone Users

Pinger announced an updated version of Pinger, its voice messaging solution for mobile devices. Adds Blackberry support.... read more »

MobileAware Boosts Mobile Enterprise Application Performance With ExpressQ 4.3

MobileAware announced version 4.3 of ExpressQ, its mobile messaging solution. Key enhancements: improved security through FIPS 140-2 validated encryption, improved support for Windows Mobile 5.0 devices, and new performance monitoring tools, among others. ... read more »

Nuance Unveils New Embedded Speech Solution; Elevates Speech Output for Mobile Applications to a New Level of Quality

Nuance Communications released Nuance Vocalizer for Mobile, its text-to-speech solution. Key features: speak out any text within a mobile application, more human voice traits such as a natural and flexible tone with smooth, expressive speech output, and change speaking rate, pitch, and voice characteristics in real time, among others. Available immediately.... read more »

Nuance Announces Mobile Messaging Powered By Dragon

Nuance Communications announced Nuance Mobile Messaging, its speech recognition solution for mobile devices. Based on Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9, lets users speak naturally, instead of typing, wherever they are prompted by a blinking cursor to enter text. Available for consumers by YE2007.... read more »

fastmobile Leads the Way in Activating Mobile Communities With Launch of Enhanced fmXTM

Fastmobile launched fastmobile eXperience (fmX), its service that integrates operator-owned & portal IM, email, social networks & presence-based address books. Brings the desktop multi-tasking user experience to the mobile with one UI and one address book that integrates multiple contact type, phone number, IM, email, social network homepage or profile into a single mobile application. Available immediately.... read more »

Mobile Location Services: Keys to Mass-Market Success

Unstrung Insider released “Mobile Location Services: Keys to Mass Market Success,” its research report on location-based services. Examines the commercial drivers for location services, analyzes critical network positioning technologies, provides a detailed taxonomy of the location-based services ecosystem, and profiles the service strategies of leading wireless operators with profiles of location-aware applications.... read more »

Yahoo Mail to offer unlimited storage

Article discussing Yahoo!’s plans to offer unlimited storage for Yahoo! Mail users.... read more »

IP Unity Glenayre aids convergence with new version of next generation communications platform

IP Unity Glenayre released version 3.0 of Versera Intelligent Communications Environment, its next generation communications solution. Key enhancements: support for twice as many ports or sessions, and expanded voicemail functionality, among others. Available immediately. ... read more »

Document Automation Process Leader Adds to SaaS Portfolio With Release of Fax Services for SAP Applications

Esker released Esker Fax Services for SAP, its software as a service offering. Allows users to send faxes directly from their SAP system. Available immediately.... read more »

Web attacks get personal

Article discussing how malware purveyors are increasingly tailoring their virus distribution and attack techniques to take advantage of different classes of end-users by more frequently employing so-called personalization tools to make their attacks more effective.... read more »

Webroot Report Details Growth and Severity of Worldwide Internet Malware Threats

Webroot Software released “Webroot State of Internet Security,” the results of its survey on growth and increasing sophistication of malware. Details the significant cost and potential legal implications of inadequate protection and offers businesses best practices to thwart unnecessary data security breaches. Available immediately.... read more »

SIP Malware Will Be Major Problem

SIP Not Plug-and-Play

The SIP market is developing more slowly than people thought. A major reason is that there’s poor interoperability between different products. For example, many people are trying to implement an IP PBX. Then they want to make SIP phones and soft phones such as X-Lite work together. It’s not plain sailing, and today customers end […]... read more »

Four steps to battling botnets

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QuickStudy: Botnets

ComputerWorld: Click Here for Story... read more »

High Availability Not the Same as Disaster Recovery

Quick SIP Primer

Mobileplay Launches eXpress It! Social Networking Service for Cell Phone Users

Mobileplay launched eXpress It!, its social networking service for cell phone users. Allows users to create and share personal mobile web pages as easily as sending an email. Available immediately.... read more »

More Evidence of US as Malware Capital

Article discussing how new research supports the growing perception that the United States is producing greater volumes of malware code than any other region of the planet.... read more »

Smith Micro Announces Launch of QuickLink Media – An Intuitive, All-In-One Multimedia Manager For Mobile Phones

Smith Micro Software announced QuickLink Media, its PC-based multimedia manager for mobile devices. Manages music, photos and videos to simplify sending content to a mobile device.... read more »

VeriSign Announces Quarterly North America Mobile Messaging Index

VeriSign announced the North America Mobile Messaging Index, its quarterly report that will provide key statistics detailing the growth and user trends pertaining to all categories of mobile messaging in North America. Based upon trends VeriSign has already witnessed this quarter, the report is expected to show that the overall volume of messages is increasing more than two-fold year over year, as a broader base of the population embraces the convenience of messaging. Available April 2007.... read more »

Smith Micro Previews StuffIt Wireless Windows Mobile Edition At CTIA Wireless 2007

Smith Micro Software announced StuffIt Wireless Windows Mobile Edition, its compression utility for Windows Mobile 5.0 Smart Phones and PDAs. Key features: ability to compress JPEG images 20 to 30 percent, compress and send images via email or FTP from an internet enabled device, compress multiple images into a single archive, among others. Available 2Q2007.... read more »

LogicaCMG warns documents sent by traditional methods are not secure

LogicaCMG released the results of a survey on the security of traditional mail methods vs. secure email. Concludes that secure, encrypted email is the safest method of communicating confidential information with minimal risks, cost or measurable environmental impact. ... read more »

Agnitum unleashes new Spam Terrier

Agnitum released Spam Terrier, its anti-spam solution for Outlook and Outlook Express. Key features: built-in heuristics-based anti-spam tools, and self-training, among others. Available immediately. ... read more »

Openwave Mobile Widget Solution to Drive Increased Personalization and Service Adoption

Openwave Systems announced Openwave Mobile Widget, its solution that allows mobile widgets to be integrated directly into the mobile device’s idle screen and run on diverse mobile platforms. Key features: includes optional, customizable components which facilitate access to Internet-based services, including search, sports, stocks, weather, RSS reader, quick launch bar, widget manager and theme manager; each component can be integrated with the device’s idle screen and can be pushed or pulled onto devices by either the mobile operator or the consumer; and includes the Openwave Mobile AJAX Software SDK; among others.... read more »

Motorola Unveils New Framework to Support Location-Enabled Services

Motorola announced Location Services Framework, its platform designed to support location-enabled applications and services on Motorola devices. Links location-enabled services to other applications and tools on mobile devices and facilitates actionable connections between content and the locations associated with them. The framework will be optimized for Motorola’s Linux+Java handset platform, and will be integrated into other core product platforms supported by Motorola.... read more »

AOL Announces Updates to AIM Service

AOL announced an updated version of AOL Web Mail, version 6.1 of AIM and AOL Toolbar 5.0. AOL Web Mail will include expanded integration of the AIM service that will enable users to access AIM and their Buddy List feature, and conduct AIM conversations without leaving the web mail experience. AIM key enhancements: Windows Vista support, allow mobile users to send either an offline IM or an SMS message when a buddy logs off of AIM and restrict those who can send an IM to their cell phone, and buddy list docking, among others. AOL Toolbar 5.0 provides an opt-in AIM feature that lets users open a new instant message window or preview their email right from the toolbar on their Internet Explorer browser.... read more »