Colligo’s Notes Replication Utility–Useful for Offsite Project Teams

Microsoft to Beef Up Exchange Recovery

Virtual Management Calls Up New Email Tech

Virtual Management announced Emax, its technology that will allow users to listen to and compose emails from mobile devices. Key features: forward email messages to users’ cell phones, allows users to dictate a reply message in their own voice, and ability to call users with important appointment reminders, among others. Available immediately. read more »

SpamAid 4.0: Less Time Checking for False Positives

SoftLogica announced version 4.0 of SpamAid, its anti-spam plug-in for Outlook. Key enhancements: ability to automatically delete undoubted Spam, use of wildcards when specifying the spam/non-spam recognition keywords to deal with phrase variations, and Outlook 2003 style interface, among others. Available immediately. read more »

CMS Announces XE-Filter v1.10 Country-centric eMail Filter

Computer Mail Services released version 1.10 of XE-Filter v1.10, its solution designed to block spam email based upon its country of origin. Adds support for IP Address Whitelists and Blacklists. Available immediately. read more »

Bug may expose encrypted e-mail

Article discussing a bug in the GNU Privacy Guard cryptography technology used certain email applications that could let could let hackers tamper with digitally signed and encrypted emails. read more »

MessageLabs Launches Next Generation Email Control Services

MessageLabs launched version 3.0 of its Email Content Control, its managed email service that allows organizations to identify and control confidential, malicious or inappropriate content sent or received, and version 2.0 of its Email Image Control, its service that scans and detects inappropriate images. Key enhancements: scanning within Microsoft Office documents, improved accuracy of image […]... read more »

New version of GateDefender Integra

Panda Software released an updated version of Panda GateDefender Integra, its unified threat management appliance. Key enhancements: improved protection against unknown threats with the latest version of Snort, user authentication via RADIUS servers, and enhanced graphic reports, among others. Available immediately. read more »