Open-Xchange Unveils Community Project – To Build Next Generation Open Source Collaboration SuiteSpam Economy

Open-Xchange released the source code and development documentation for MailXchange, its AJAX-based email and groupware technology. The open source components include a new Open-Xchange servlet engine using Apache Jserv Protocol to communicate with a webserver like Apache. Available immediately. read more »

Iron Mountain Extends eRecords Management Portfolio with New Active Archiving Service for Email

Iron Mountain announced Active Archiving Service for Email, its archive solution Provides email storage management, discovery, continuity, and disaster recovery and security services. Available immediately. read more »

Javelina Software Announces the Release of ADtoolkit v4.0

Javelina Software released version 4.0 of ADtoolkit, its tool set for Active Directory administrators. Key enhancements: security reporting, complex scheduling, and multi-domain support, among others. Available immediately. read more »

Welcome to the Spam Economy

Article discussing the spam economy. Profits from that economy start at botnets or zombie PCs, which are rented out to spammers. Spam goes out touting the value of a chosen company. Excited victims buy into the scheme and buy up stocks in the touted companies. The spammer within a few days sells the stock, pocketing […]... read more »

The Leading Email Service Providers

SharePoint Backup and Recovery–Improvements

SharePoint 2007 has two important new features for backup and recovery: The Recycle Bin. This catches deleted items and containers, such as lists and document libraries. The big advantage here is a substantial reduction in help desk calls. The main disadvantage is that it’s just a recycle bin, and not a full backup and recovery […]... read more »