F-Secure Update

Here's a quick update on F-Secure, a leading virus control vendor:

  • The biggest virus control vendors are Symantec, McAfee, and Trend. There then follow several important vendors, such as F-Secure, Sophos, and Panda.
  • Main offerings: anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall, parental control, and anti-spam. Spam control is mainly through partnerships--malware control is the core expertise.
  • Publicly held, profitable, $105 million revenues in calendar 2007, growing at around 30% annually.
  • Around 60% of revenues come from consumers--almost all through service providers.
  • Around 40% of revenues are from sales to business.
  • Almost all sales come through channels--resellers or service providers.

F-Secure's major differentiators are:

  • Its great strength is a hosted service that's suitable for service providers. Special customization features provide for reduced help desk calls and reduced customer churn.
  • Many major service mobile operators and ISPs are clients.
  • Support for smart phones.

... David Ferris

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