VONaLink TeamOnCall – New Real-time Call Status Display Software for VoIP Released

Arcosoft released VONaLink TeamOnCall, its solution for VoIP call forwarding. Allows a receptionist, using a web browser, to see in if a phone is idle or in use before transferring a call. Available immediately. read more »

SPAMfighter Introduces Support for Outlook 2007

SPAMfighter released an update to SPAMfighter, its spam filter solution. Adds support for Outlook 2007. Available immediately. read more »

Mobile’s Long Leap to Instant Messaging

Article discussing mobile IM and the how may need to revamp management systems and profit models in order to support it. read more »

How to Avoid IM Security Problems

Article discussing how to avoid IM security problems like spyware, virus infiltration, phishing and data compromise. read more »

Notes fans hope upgrade ends e-mail client’s ugly-duckling status

Article discussing the end user interface changes in Lotus Notes 8. read more »

The Extraordinary Failure of Anti-Virus Technology

SecureWave released “The Extraordinary Failure of Anti-Virus Technology,” its whitepaper. Examines a whitelisting approach to security that solves malware and other virus problems that plague companies. Available immediately. read more »

SiteScape Announces ICEcorps, the First Open Source Collaboration Suite to Unify Team Workspaces and Real-Time Conferencing

SiteScape announced ICEcorps, its open source collaboration suite. Unifies team workspaces and real-time conferencing by enabling team members to communicate based on presence through any combination of phones, IM, chat, SMS, or email, and to meet using voice and web conferencing and real-time sharing of documents. Available 3Q2007. read more »

The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium announces Roundtable IX and Interoperability Test Event

Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium will sponsor Roundtable IX and Interoperability Test Event on May 7–11, 2007 at The Boeing Company in Seattle, Washington. Technical Committee meetings, informal birds of feather sessions, additional sessions and committee meetings, plus a plenary meeting of the Consortium that will include report-outs from all technical Committees. read more »

Main DST Change Cost: Around $3 Billion

Notes/Domino Email Archiving

AIM Gets Physical Presence Awareness

AIM now has a plugin that provides location awareness. This is a very nice feature. For example: Buddies can show you where they’re hanging out. You can figure out which buddies are closest. You can see where friends and family and colleagues are. You can set up alerts that are triggered when someone is close […]... read more »

Video spam. Who would have guessed?

Article discussing the likelihood of spam on YouTube.... read more »

BitDefender Issues New Whitepaper on Fighting Image Spam

BitDefender released “Fighting Image Spam,” its whitepaper. details the sharp increase in image spam and the methods in which BitDefender detects image spam and protect consumers. Available immediately.... read more »

IBM Announces Public Beta for Lotus Notes and Domino 8

IBM released the beta version of Lotus Notes and Domino 8, its next generation email and collaboration platform. Provides a redesigned interface that includes new features such the ability to quickly view important emails by grouping them into conversation threads, productivity editors that create open standards-based versions of spreadsheets, word processing and presentations, and search capabilities that let users extend searches beyond email and contacts to web and file searches without leaving the inbox. Available immediately.... read more »

‘Best practices’ for antispyware makers finalized

Article discussing the Anti-Spyware Coalition’s announcement that it had finalized “Best Practices: Guidelines to Consider in the Evaluation of Potentially Unwanted Technologies” and “Conflict Identification and Resolution Process,” documents designed to provide software companies that develop spyware-fighting products with new information and tactics.... read more »

Beta version of TotalScan

Panda Software released TotalScan, its online malware scanner. Detects and disinfects both threats that are active on the computer, as well as those that remain latent but could activate at any time. Available immediately in a beta version.... read more »