AIM Gets Physical Presence Awareness

AIM now has a plugin that provides location awareness. This is a very nice feature. For example:

  • Buddies can show you where they're hanging out.
  • You can figure out which buddies are closest.
  • You can see where friends and family and colleagues are.
  • You can set up alerts that are triggered when someone is close by.
  • You can make new friends. For example, you can search for people with the same hobbies in the neighborhood ... Oh, alright, you can use this for dating as well. Harmless English email consultant, GSOH, seeks stunning rich woman for ... er ... friendship and financial support.

The plugin is enhanced by Skyhook Wireless. This is a location-determination system that works very much like a GPS device. However, instead of using GPS to work out where you are, it uses your WiFi network. Skyhook and Yahoo are working together to bring similar capabilities to Yahoo's IM network.

... David Ferris

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