SIP Not Plug-and-Play

The SIP market is developing more slowly than people thought. A major reason is that there's poor interoperability between different products.

For example, many people are trying to implement an IP PBX. Then they want to make SIP phones and soft phones such as X-Lite work together. It's not plain sailing, and today customers end up having to do a lot of systems integration work. NAT traversal is a major issue; handling security threats, and maintaining quality of service and high reliability are other problem areas.

BorderWare's SIP Security Gateway helps. It's a sort of SIP firewall, and provides:

  • Protection against flooding attacks and call disruption
  • Call pattern analysis for spam and malicious call threats
  • Reputation services for tracking abuse sources
  • SIP TLS encryption, SRTP encryption, and caller/call recipient verification
  • Comprehensive management and auditing
  • Compliancy and policy control

... David Ferris

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