Messaging Architects’ GWArchive: Leading Email Archiving Package for GroupWise

Messaging Architects' GWArchive is the leading email archiving product among GroupWise users. Here's a quick update on the product.

GWArchive was launched in 2003, and has some 500 customers. Key strengths are:

  • Tight integration with GroupWise and Novell eDirectory (think "ActiveDirectory for NetWare").
  • Strong import/export capabilities for integration with third-party systems.
  • Good scalability.
  • Good integration with GroupWise Web Access. To archive a message, users simply push a button.
  • Centralized administration, through profiles in eDirectory.
  • Good information lifecycle management; for example, moving messages between different types of media as they age, and policy-based retention/deletion.

Unusually, messages aren't stored in a database, but in flat XML files. The main competitors are iLumin (now owned by CA), IntelliReach (now owned by InfoCrossing), and AfterMail (now owned by Quest).

The next release, version 3.5, will have full clustering and failover support. A version for Exchange is planned for release later in 2007.

... David Ferris

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