Improving Communications Through Voice Presence

Article discussing voice presence which, similar to IM presence, can detect and convey one’s willingness and ability to talk on the phone. read more »

In touch – any time, any place, anywhere

Article discussing Unified Communications, when will companies make the move to UC solutions and is the technology up to the task. read more »

Study: IT Admins Read Private Email

Article discussing the results of a survey conducted by Cyber-Ark Software which finds that IT staff routinely snoop on users, riffling through their emails and personal files. read more »

Cloudmark Announces Cloudmark Gateway for High-Performance Protocol and Content Filtering at the Edge of the Network

Cloudmark announced Cloudmark Gateway, its MTA. Key features: integrates with Cloudmark Authority and is able to perform content filtering at the edge of the network, service provider-defined policies can be applied at the SMTP stage or at the content stage, and support for threat mitigation techniques, among others. read more »

RenewData Broadens Electronic Discovery Offerings with Enhanced Collections and Processing Capabilities

RenewData announced addition to Electronic Discovery Services, its service for the collection, processing, review and production of electronic evidence. Key enhancements: culling and output of Lotus Notes and Domino native NSF files, on-site collections using the StoredIQ appliance, and foreign language culling capabilities, among others. read more »

Clearswift boosts internal email security with new version of MIMEsweeper for Domino

Clearswift released version 8.1 of MIMEsweeper for Domino, its content security solution. Key enhancements: ability for organizations to add their own dictionaries, weighted text analysis, and file extension monitoring, among others. Available immediately. read more »

General Wireless launches world’s first SMS and MMS PC-plugins for Microsoft Vista and Microsoft Outlook 2007

General Wireless announced updates to eSMS and eMMS, its text and multimedia mobile messaging PC-plugins. Adapted to work with the new security policies in Windows Vista and Outlook 2007. Available June 2007. read more »

Messaging migration is not for the faint of heart

Article discussing messaging platform migration, especially migration away from Exchange.... read more »

Lyris EmailAdvisor Study Further Dispels Myth That Content is Major Reason ISPs Filter Legitimate Email Marketing Messages Into the Spam Folder

Lyris released “Lyris EmailAdvisor ISP Deliverability Report Card for Q1 2007,” its quarterly research study that monitors deliverability rates for permission-based email marketing. Concludes message content is not a major cause of deliverability challenges for most email marketers. Available immediately.... read more »

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