Spammers establishing use of artificial intelligence

Article discussing the challenge for spam filtering as the spammers increases their use of artificial intelligence. read more »

Small businesses ‘fall into spam filtering’s black hole’

Article discussing how small businesses small businesses usually lack the time, expertise and resources to tackle the vagaries of spam filters. read more »

One spamming suspect down, dozens to go

Article discussing the continuing spam threat despite the arrest of a man described as one of the world’s most prolific spammers. read more »

Mobile Device Security – Securing the Handheld, Securing the Enterprise

Motorola released “Mobile Device Security – Securing the Handheld, Securing the Enterprise,” its whitepaper. Identifies security threats to corporate data on mobile devices and details how mobile devices can become a back door to the enterprise. Available immediately. read more »

Announcing FreeRange WebReader for Mobile Phones

FreeRange Communications announced FreeRange WebReader, its solution to get news, blogs, stock prices, sports scores, and weather information delivered to mobile phones. Runs in the background, pulling down quick bites of information or full stories, depending on user preferences, from subscribed sites and storing it. Available immediately. read more »

Mobile Phones: The new platform for secure, two-way customer interaction

Article discussing customer interaction using mobile phones and text messaging. read more »