VoIP Startup Bridges the Gap Between Fixed and Mobile Phones

Text2it announced an update to VoIP from Anywhere, its VoIP service. Allows users to transfer calls to any landline or mobile phone. Available immediately in a beta release. read more »

Proofpoint Version 5 Delivers Industry’s First Integrated Appliance for Email Security, Multi-protocol Data Loss Prevention and Policy-based Encryption

Proofpoint announced version 5 of Proofpoint, its email security appliance. Key enhancements: new smart identifiers, dictionaries and pre-configured policies; improved management of advanced policies; and improved administration; among others Available immediately. read more »

Finjan Bolsters Its Real-Time Web Security Solution with Advanced Security and Management Enhancements

Finjan released version 8.5 of Vital Security, its web security solution. Key enhancements: in-box scanning of SSL traffic, Skype blocking, and user authentication, among others. Available June 2007. read more »

EMC Announces Acquisition of Verid

EMC announced that it has acquired Verid, a provider of knowledge-based authentication solutions. read more »

Securent Entitlement Management Solution Addresses Security and Compliance for Microsoft SharePoint

Securent announced an updated release of Entitlement Management Solution, its solution that enables organizations to manage, enforce, and audit access control policies to any SharePoint resource. Adds support for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0. read more »

Wake up to the dawn of Web 2.0

Article discussing how IT directors will need to support new ways of working and new forms of customer interactions in a Web 2.0 world. read more »

Keeping compliant in a Web 2.0 world

Article discussing new technologies to track and control the use of IM, blogging and wikis in the enterprise. read more »

Proposion Software Launches a Suite of Migration Tools for Moving Lotus Notes, Quickplace and Domino.Doc Content to Microsoft Sharepoint 2007

Proposion Software announced version 4.0 of Proposion Portal Migrator, its solution for transferring Lotus Notes content into Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0. Key enhancements: link tracking service which ensures that Notes DocLinks continue to work before, during and after the migration process; remote load capabilities which allow real time migrations […]... read more »

RADVISION Releases Next Generation SCOPIA 3G Video Gateway

RADVISION announced version 3.0 of SCOPIA 3G Video Gateway, its solution for visual communications over IP, 3G, and emerging next-generation IMS networks. Key enhancements: improved SIP/IMS-support, any-to-any transcoding with H.264 support for a high quality video experience, and enhanced rate matching and size matching, among others. read more »

Corporate IM still lacks security, policies

Article discussing the need to have an IM policy in place corporate IM as usage spreads at breakneck speed. read more »

VerticalResponse Continues Rapid Growth Adding More Features to Enhance Marketing Campaign Effectiveness

VerticalResponse announced updates to iBuilder, its email marketing solution. Key enhancements: Interactive Marketing Calendar which breaks down the tasks to be accomplished prior to an email campaign launch date; email hosting; and Quick List Creation which allows users to create lists of recipients who opened, clicked, converted, purchased or performed no action for a given […]... read more »

GOT Corporation Announces Expanded Support for DomainKeys

GOT announced updates to Campaigner and CampaignerPro, its email marketing services. Adds support for DomainKeys. Available immediately. read more »

E-Mail Service Providers Grapple with Mobile Delivery and Standards

Article discussing the implications to email marketing providers when content is read on a mobile device. read more »