Meet the Spammers #4: Unsubscribe Ignorers

I was recently asked by a journalist, “So who are these spammers, anyway?” There are many different types of spammer. This is one of a series of bulletins describing them. There are plenty of companies that don’t respect unsubscribe requests. This is of course illegal in the U.S. and many other jurisdictions. The club of […]... read more »

Standby Continuous Replication in Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1

Article discussing Standby Continuous Replication (SCR), a new feature being introduced in SP 1 for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. Key features: supports multiple targets per storage group, includes a built-in delay for replay activity and allows an administrator to specify an additional delay, and allows log files to be truncated at the SCR source as soon as they are inspected by all SCR target machines, among others.... read more »

iLinc Unveils iLinc 9 with Multiple Operating Systems, Multi-Point Video and Streamlined Interface

iLinc Communications released version 9 of iLinc, its web conferencing solution. Key enhancements: newly-designed user interface, support for Apple Mac computers, and fully-integrated multi-point video, among others. Available immediately.... read more »

Websense Simplifies Web Security for Mid-Sized Organizations

Websense released Websense Express, its web security and content filtering solution for mid-sized organizations. Provides protection from web-based threats. Available immediately.... read more »

Meet the Spammers #3: the Nigerian 419 Scammer