IM at Work, Part 2: Tools for Locking Down

Article discussing solutions for IM use in the Enterprise. read more »

The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium announces Roundtable X and IOP Test Event

Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium Roundtable X and Interoperability Test Event will be held September 17-21 2007 at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Comprised of Technical Committee meetings, informal birds of feather sessions, additional sessions and committee meetings, plus a plenary meeting of the Consortium that will include report-outs from all technical Committees. […]... read more »

Significance of Autonomy-Zantaz Merger

Protocol-Level Spam Control #1: Introduction

We’ve been on record for some time as liking spam control defenses that operate at the protocol level — IP, TCP, and/or SMTP — as opposed to those that operate solely by analyzing message content. This is the first of a series of bulletins that talks more about this, and examines two technologies that implement […]... read more »

Perspective: Saving e-mail: It’s all about trust

Article discussing the benefits of DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM).... read more »

Six burning VOIP questions

Article providing the answer to six questions about VoIP implementation.... read more »

Experts: Enterprises Must Focus on VOIP Security

Article discussing VoIP security threats and the need for a layered approach to VoIP security.... read more »

Autonomy Acquires Zantaz in a $375M Deal