A Pretty Kettle of Phish

ESET released “A Pretty Kettle of Phish, ” its whitepaper. A complete discussion of phishing history, current technologies and what is being done to solve the problem.... read more »

Active Voice Announces General Availability of Kinesis 3.0

Active Voice released version 3.0 of Kinesis, its unified messaging solution. Key enhancements: VideoMail which allows users to record and playback voice and video messages in Outlook, ViewCall which provides desktop call control and visibility of live incoming calls, and Find Me Follow Me which allows users to customize call routes, among others. Available immediately.... read more »

Yoomba Introduces Free Internet Voice Calling Routed Via E-Mail

Article discussing a new peer-to-peer communication platform that brings free voice-over-IP telephony and instant messaging to anyone with an e-mail address from Yoomba, an online telephony startup.... read more »

Start-up unveils anti-malware browsing add-on

Article discussing eponymous malware/site blocker from start-up Haute Secure, its browser add-on that bars malicious content from reaching PCs.... read more »

PDF Spam Ready to Replace Declining Image Spam

Article discussing the growing threat PDF spam as the replacement for image spam.... read more »

Zimbra Helps Organizations Meet Compliance Requirements with Robust Archiving and Ajax-based Discovery Solution

Zimbra released Zimbra Archiving & Discovery, its email archiving optional add-on to Zimbra Collaboration Suite. Key features: Authorized administrative access to setup arching for selected users, Ajax-based administrator user interface, and search inside attachments, among others. Available immediately.... read more »

ColdSpark Redefines Email Network Infrastructure with its New SparkEngine 6.0

ColdSpark released version 6.0 of SparkEngine Mail Transport Platform, its email solution. Key enhancements: native policy capabilities, virtual traffic environments on which different policies, services and service levels can be applied, and email environment management from a single console interface, among others. Available immediately.... read more »

Update: Azaleos Managed Exchange Appliance

Protocol-Level Spam Control #4: Operational Differences