Scalix Acquired by Xandros

Linux-based email server vendor Scalix is being sold to Xandros, a distributor of GNU/Linux operating systems. Despite the strength of the underlying technology (HP OpenMail*), Scalix didn’t seem to reach its potential. Xandros and Scalix have been working together for a while now, so we guess this acquisition makes as much sense as any. It’s […]... read more »

Meet the Spammers #6a: List Repurposers and Their Excuses

Security firms on police spyware, in their own words

Article discussing the results of a survey of 13 security companies about their policies on the detection of government spyware and keyloggers. ... read more »

BEA Systems Delivers Industry’s First Complete Enterprise Social Computing Suite

BEA Systems released BEA AquaLogic Pages, BEA AquaLogic Ensemble and BEA AquaLogic Pathways, its user participation and enterprise productivity solutions. Ensemble provides infrastructure software designed for developers and IT operations to create and manage enterprise mashup applications, regardless of development platform and hosting environment. Pages is a web-based system that can help empower end-user participants to create simple web applications and surface enterprise data to the web. Pathways is a collaborative information discovery and expert identification tool that combines social bookmarking and tagging with search and activity analytics. Available immediately.... read more »

Gordano Announces New Version of Messaging Suite

Gordano released an updated version of Gordano Messaging Suite, its multi-platform messaging solution. Key enhancements: large file support, option to defer the purging of mailboxes until server usage is at a minimum, and improved user interface, among others. Available immediately.... read more »

Symantec Arms Consumers Against PC Hijackers with Norton AntiBot

Symantec released Norton AntiBot, its targeted security solution. Uses an active behavior-based heuristic detection system that analyzes the behavior of files and applications to ensure that malware is tracked and eradicated as soon as it exhibits harmful behavior. Available immediately. read more »

Sybase iAnywhere Delivers Important Advances in Mobile Enterprise Collaboration and Security

Sybase announced an updated release of Information Anywhere, its suite of mobile collaboration and security solutions. Key enhancements: Information Anywhere Mobile IM which provides secure mobile IM and presence capabilities, laptop administrative decommission process, and support for administrator and multiple users laptop accounts, among others.... read more »

Unified communications infrastructure threats and defense strategies

Article discussing securing VoIP and unified communications implementations including what the threats are and the basic techniques and technologies for addressing them.... read more »

Coversant Releases Advanced Platform for Development and Deployment of Highly Scalable IM Solutions

Coversant released the 2007 version of SoapBox Platform, its IM solution. Key enhancements: improved message throughput, user access and authentication controls, and 64 bit support, among others. Available immediately.... read more »

Get An Analysis Of The Current State Of Unified Messaging And Unified Communications From Both Industry And End-User Perspectives

Research and Markets released “Messaging Key to Global Unified Communications,” its report on unified messaging (UM) and unified communications (UC). Contains an analysis of the current state of UM and UC from both industry and end-user perspectives, vendor profiles and survey results on planned adoption of UM/UC applications and an updated analysis and forecast of market shares of the US and worldwide. Available immediately.... read more »