Scalix Acquired by Xandros

Linux-based email server vendor Scalix is being sold to Xandros, a distributor of GNU/Linux operating systems.

Despite the strength of the underlying technology (HP OpenMail*), Scalix didn't seem to reach its potential. Xandros and Scalix have been working together for a while now, so we guess this acquisition makes as much sense as any.

It's been apparent for a few weeks that there were changes afoot at Scalix's headquarters in San Mateo, California (and some smaller changes at the server engineering team in Reading, England). From this and the reports that 13 engineers and sales support staff remain in Scalix, it's clear that a number of people became redundant recently. We also understand that several Scalix managers, including the CEO will be let go after a transition period.

Incidentally, Xandros was one of the Linux distributors that recently signed a patent licensing agreement with Microsoft. This has not endeared the company to open source enthusiasts. We wonder if this means that Scalix and its customers now can't be sued by Microsoft for violating Exchange patents.

... Richi Jennings

*- Full disclosure: The author worked for HP for 13 years on OpenMail and its predecessor product in a wide variety of technical and marketing roles, then was CTO for Samsung Contact, another OpenMail technology spin-off.

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  1. By Joel Stidley's Exchange and PowerShell Blog on July 19, 2007 at 7:45 AM

    Scalix changes hands to Xandros

    According to Ferris Research , Linux-based email server vendor Scalix is being sold to Xandros

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