SaaS and Enterprise Messaging

There has been much buzz about Software as a Service (SaaS), this industrywide vision where companies will rent much or most of their software from the "cloud" of services available. This is not a new concept: for example, over 10 years ago Zivex was intent on becoming the "IT Utility Company." There were many that came before, and many still to come.

The model is definitely a very attractive one to the host, since it comes with an annuity revenue model—customers typically pay a monthly or annual subscription cost per mailbox or per managed service. So what's real and what's hype? Think of your enterprise messaging systems. Which parts could you see outsourcing?

We already see Microsoft, MessageLabs, Google, and others proving several models, namely hosted email, hosted archiving, hosted hygiene, hosted backup, and hosted availability (e.g., warm standby). These are in addition to the obvious hosted Web server and hosted DNS records, of course. We also see variants such as hosted e-discovery, hosted NASD 3010 supervisory technologies, and so on.

In today's other bulletin, we list some major milestones that need to be overcome in an organization before SaaS can gain widespread acceptance.

If you have thoughts about SaaS and its impacts -- either on your organization or the industry as a whole -- write in. We'd love to hear from you.

... David Sengupta

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