Got a Unified Communications Strategy?

Article discussing Unified Communications, what it is, and what needs to be thought about in establishing a UC strategy. read more »

Leverage Software Announces Enhanced Tools for Enterprise Social Networking with Latest Release Of Online Community Platform

Leverage Software announced version 5.8 of its social networking solution. Key enhancements: ability to tag items of interest to help other community members find relevant information quickly, improved meeting requests, and feature-by-feature decision level on what content is visible by an anonymous browser, among others. Available immediately. read more »

Disaster Planning: Factoring in Email & IM

Article discussing disaster planning and recovery for email and IM outages. read more »

Review: E-Mail For Tight Budgets

Article reviewing Gordano Messaging Suite as a lower cost alternative to Exchange. read more »

Permessa Expands Protection of Corporate Email with New Version of Email CONTROL! Enforcer

Permessa released an updated version of Email CONTROL! Enforcer, its messaging content control solution. Key enhancements: enhanced detection of credit card and national identifier numbers, ethical email firewall support which limits groups of email users from communicating via corporate email, and new message stream sampling, among others. Available immediately. read more »

PeerMe Launches Mobile Instant Messaging

PeerMe announced PeerMe, its mobile browser-based IM solution. Allows users to IM from mobile phones with an internet connection. Available immediately. read more »

Using Instant Messaging and Chat Rooms Safely

Article discussing the different tools for real-time communications and how to IM and chat rooms safely. read more »

WinPure Adds MS Outlook Compatibility to its Award-Winning Software

WinPure announced an update to ListCleaner and Clean & Match 200, its data cleansing and data deduplication solutions. Adds support for Outlook that enables users to clean, correct, standardize and deduplicate their contacts. Available immediately. read more »

Authenticating Email Discovery as Evidence

Article discussing considerations for authenticating email for discovery as evidence. read more »

Focus On: Email management and archiving

Article discussing how email archiving capabilities should not only focus narrowly on IT interests but also begin to align with business imperatives, especially from the legal function within organizations. read more »