Release of M+Guardian 2007.3 Confirms Messaging Architects’ Path as a Technology Innovator in Messaging Security

Messaging Architects announced version 2007.3 of M+Guardian v2007.3, its email gateway security solution. Key enhancements: improved connection control, configurable reports, and multiple, autonomous spam engines, among others. Available immediately. read more »

Untangling the Wheat from the Chaff in Comparative Anti-Virus Reviews

Article discussing how comparative anti-virus reviews can be easily manipulated to favor particular products. read more »

TimeBridge is available NOW!

TimeBridge released an updated version of Personal Scheduling Manager, its online scheduling service. Key enhancements: integration with Outlook and Google calendar, sharing of availability information, and automatic meeting location booking, among others. Available immediately in a beta version. read more »

Six Apart announces availability of Movable Type 4, the most powerful publishing platform for individuals and organizations

Six Apart released version 4 of Movable Type 4, its blog publishing platform. Key enhancements: template management tools, rich text editor, and support for automatic creation of podcasts and videocasts, among others. Available immediately. read more »

Spam Causing Email Exodus?

Microsoft Unveils Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 in Technology Preview

Microsoft announced Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1. Key enhancements: support for Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista, enhanced integration with Office Communications Server 2007, and additional Exchange ActiveSync policies, among others. Available Q4... read more »

The new Panda AdminSecure beta protects Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 mail servers

Panda Security released version 4.02.85 of Panda AdminSecure, its network security management console. Key enhancements: Exchange 2007 mail server and Windows Vista compatibility, ability to update the protection installed on computers outside the network, and creation of subscriptions and reports on the status of the IT resources or on malware incidents among others Available immediately in a beta version.... read more »