IBM Releases Notes/Domino 8

Notes and Domino v8 were launched for general release on August 17, 2007.

The main new features are:

  • The user interface is substantially changed and improved. It offers a rich set of collaborative technologies, including email, presence information instant messaging, teamspaces, telephony (through third parties), and on-the-fly conferences (through Sametime). The applications are increasingly integrated in a natural way.
  • Many messages are easily gathered together into clutches of related emails, making it easier to process a given corpus of messages.
  • Various tools make it much easier to browse through information. For example, you start off with a search, then right click to find associated people or documents. One has the experience of surfing through your Notes information.
  • Has built-in viewers and editors for many MS Office documents.
  • Working with Google Desktop, search encompasses desktop files and the Web.
  • Rather than email a document to people, it's easy to save it to a Quikr space for later retrieval.
  • Existing Notes applications can be integrated with other applications, using the new composite application editor. Such mashups/plugins are integrated through the Expeditor environment.
  • There's now an activity server, which supports ad hoc workflows.

Overall thoughts:

  • Notes/Domino has a rich set of non-email methods of collaboration. The tools are gradually being integrated. Lotus users have a substantial technology edge over Exchange users in this regard.
  • There's plenty of good innovation, designed to help deal with information overload.
  • The product architecture should provide for strong integration with mobile devices in the future--we look forward to seeing this vision unfold.

... David Ferris and Nick Shelness

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  1. Posted August 22, 2007 at 2:31 PM | Permalink

    Although I recognise the improvements in this new version of Lotus Notes / DOmino, I do not understand the phrase : “The tools are gradually being integrated. Lotus users have a substantial technology edge over Exchange users in this regard.”

    I think everyone is in agreement that simply comparing Lotus Notes/Domino with Microsoft Exchange is apples and oranges. So comparing the Lotus Notes UI which ingrates services from various backend servers (Domino / SameTime / Activity Server) with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook doesn’t really do either platform justice, or am I missing the point here ?

    On the other hand, the spitting image between the Notes 8 UI and Outlook 2003 / 2007 is a great compliment for Microsoft 🙂

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