Sender Address Verification: The Foundation of Message Integrity

Sendio released “Sender Address Verification: The Foundation of Message Integrity,” its whitepaper. Explains, in detail, how Sender Address Verification (SAV) works and why it works. Available immediately. read more »

Promisec Unveils Best Practices to Combat SME Security Threats

Promisec released a set of network security best practices for use by small and medium enterprises. ... read more »

Trend Micro Study Assesses the Impact of Mobility on Corporate End-User Behavior

Trend Micro released the results of a study into the behavior of corporate mobile workers. Finds Mobile workers more likely to engage in risky behavior such as downloading executables and sending confidential information over IM.... read more »

Symantec Launches Norton Internet Security 2008, Norton AntiVirus 2008

Symantec release the 2008 version of Norton Internet Security 2008 and Norton AntiVirus. Key enhancements: improved performance, improved technical support, and reduced user interruption, among others. Available immediately. read more »

Encryption and Data Leak Prevention: Protection for Unauthorized Outsiders and Authorized Insiders

Provilla released “Encryption and Data Leak Prevention: Protection for Unauthorized Outsiders and Authorized Insiders,” its whitepaper. Shows how to protect sensitive data from unauthorized outsiders and authorized insiders. Available immediately.... read more »

Attensa Introduces New Enterprise 2.0 RSS Feed Readers for Mac, Windows and Outlook

Attensa announced RSS Feed Readers for Mac, Windows and Outlook. Key features: choice views, handling of secure feeds with authentication credentials, and blog republishing and editing, among others. Available immediately.... read more »

Unified Communications: What, Why and How?

Nortel released “Unified Communications: What, Why and How,” its whitepaper. Discusses, in detail, what unified communications is, why it is important for business and how it can be implemented.... read more »

VoiceCon Fall 2007: Unified communications still has barriers

Article summarizing the happenings at VoiceCon Fall 2007 and the barriers to implementing a UC solution.... read more »

Why Isn’t Unified Messaging Taking Off?

Article discussing the reasons why unified messaging isn’t taking off.... read more »

Uniform Law Commission Approves Model e-Discovery Rules

Article discussing model rules of e-discovery for use by state courts adopted by The Uniform Law Commissioners. The rules, essentially clone the bigger federal rules and provide states with the necessary guidance governing discovery of electronically stored information.... read more »

The Rising Importance of Outbound Controls

According to a recent news report, the University of Illinois recently apologized for sending an email message to all electrical engineering students, with an attached Excel spreadsheet containing “ethnicity, grade point average, local address, and other personal information” about students. This is yet another reminder of the need for outbound controls. Much effort has been […]... read more »