The Rising Importance of Outbound Controls

According to a recent news report, the University of Illinois recently apologized for sending an email message to all electrical engineering students, with an attached Excel spreadsheet containing "ethnicity, grade point average, local address, and other personal information" about students.

This is yet another reminder of the need for outbound controls. Much effort has been spent on inbound controls (e.g., spam and viruses), but technologies such as those from MessageGate, Vontu, and Proofpoint have been largely overlooked.

As email continues to increase in importance we will see enterprises and platform vendors do more to focus on controlling what gets sent. We expect that vendors with solution offerings in these areas -- such as those mentioned above -- will start to see a spike in uptake, as enterprises wake up to the risk.

... David Sengupta

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    Some vendors have taken to using the humorous name “extrusion prevention systems” for outbound controls.

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