Assessing Wikipedia 1: Introduction

We’ve recently been researching Wikipedia, looking into the way its community works and discovering the good and bad aspects of “The free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.” Much has been written about Wikipedia: some positive, some negative, but little of it does more than scratch the surface of the collaborative aspects. This is the first […]... read more »

Why wikis should replace email for collaboration

Article discussing why wikis are more suited to collaborating on documents than email, particularly with regards the growth in message storage requirements.... read more »

Azaleos Unveils Messaging Virtualization Solution in Technology Preview

Azaleos showcased an update to its OneServer product line offering an Exchange 2007 managed virtual appliance. Key features: rapid deployment, high availability, and remote management, among others.... read more »

iPRESIDIUM announces the release of Mailntercept 5.0

iPRESIDIUM announced Mailntercept v5.0, its policy management solution for MS Exchange. Key enhancements: Message Header/Message Body Scanning, policy-based routing to multiple relays, and multiple actions per message, among others. Available immediately.... read more »

Patent Pending Email Migration Technology Eliminates Barriers to Hosted Email Migration

MxToolBox announced FlexBox, its managed email migration technology. Runs in parallel with an existing email server, allowing one, some, or all users to be migrated to a hosted email solution without taking them off of their existing server. Available immediately.... read more »

Spam Filter Check and Email Analysis Tool Affordably Priced

MailChimp announced Inbox Inspector, its HTML email preview tool. Provides the ability to preview HTML emails in popular mail clients, prior to starting an email marketing campaign. Available immediately.... read more »

Report: Better Anti-Spam Demanded in Finance, Banking, Legal, Insurance, Real Estate

Brockman released “Email in Finance, Banking, Legal, Insurance and Real Estate Industries,” its report. Discusses the email experience for workers in these industries and what can be done to improve it.... read more »

Why We Haven’t Stopped Spam

Article discussing why spam is still a problem, why DKIM and ‘sender bonds’ have been proposed by some, and concluding that no solution is going to suit all situations.... read more »

CDC Software Introduces New Solution to Address Email Deliverability Challenges

CDC Software announced MarketFirst Deliverability Email Server, its email marketing delivery solution add-on for the MarketFirst marketing automation solution. Features include: high performance, workflow management, and bounce management, among others. Available 4Q2007.... read more »

Captaris Launches RightFax 9.3 Feature Pack 2

Captaris announced RightFax v9.3 Feature Pack 2, its Fax over IP solution. Key enhancements: support for Vista, Office 007, and IE7, among others. Available immediately.... read more »

IronPort Systems Introduces Integrated Data Loss Prevention and Encryption for Email

IronPort announced the inclusion of Data Loss Prevention and email encryption capabilities in its AsyncOS operating system. Key enhancements: automatic encryption and decryption, smart identifier matching, and pre-populated regulatory policies, among others. Available immediately.... read more »

Does unified messaging have a place in corporate/public policy?

Article discussing why the growth in unified communications could be driven by growth teleworking due to increasing congestion in large cities.... read more »

Replicating and Synchronizing Data Between Directory Servers

ISODE released Replicating and Synchronizing Data Between Directory Servers, its whitepaper. Discusses the advantages of replication and synchronization, including their suitability for differing situations.... read more »

St. Bernard Introduces New Hardware and Software to Meet Demands of Large Businesses

St. Bernard Software announced iPrism version 5.0, its web filtering appliance. Key enhancements: improved accuracy, safe search, and delegated administration, among others. Available September 2007.... read more »

‘Greynets’ waiting to snare enterprises

Article discussing the dangers to the Enterprise provided by ‘greynet’ applications; commonly these are either IM or VOIP clients installed to maintain contact with friends or family, often in breach of corporate policy.... read more »