Psi: A Recommended XMPP Client for Technical Users

XMPP (aka Jabber) is the Internet Standard eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol for instant messaging and presence. There is a bewildering number of clients available and little useful guidance or impartial reviews on choosing one.

Psi is a good XMPP client that is cross platform (Linux, Mac, Windows). It provides features that go beyond basic IM, and provides access to a number of underlying XMPP capabilities. In its own words,

The goal of the Psi project is to create a powerful, yet easy-to-use Jabber/XMPP client that tries to strictly adhere to the XMPP drafts and Jabber JEPs.

As might be expected with such a goal, it appeals to technical users, and we understand that many who are associated with writing the XMPP standards use PSI.

Advanced features it supports are:

  • Sending of messages (intermediate between IM and email)
  • User access to service discovery
  • Full access to vCard profile information
  • Many user-selectable options

It is straightforward to use and provides good functionality, and is an option the technical users should consider. It is also free.

The downside is that the GUI is eccentric. Although it is not hard to use, this will be a negative for some users.

... Steve Kille

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