MailChimp Releases New Mailing List Segmentation Feature

MailChimp released an update to MailChimp, its email marketing solution. Adds a list segmentation tool which allows email marketers to send emails to subgroups within targeted lists. Available immediately. read more »

MesssageLabs Launches Next Generation Version of Email Archiving Services

MessageLabs launched version 3.0 of MessageLabs Archiving Service, its service that provides email storage management, legal discovery, and regulatory compliance. Key enhancements: attachment stubbing, and support for Office 2007 document format and Exchange 2007 envelope journaling, among others. Available immediately. read more »

Formats for Digitally Signed Documents

We attended the EEMA Workshop on digital signatures last week, which had some interesting presentations and group discussion. Digital signatures based on X.509 PKI are used for a variety of purposes where the technology is directly integrated into the application. Examples are authentication for client/server and server/server protocols and directory signed operations. An important application, […]... read more »

Microsoft Launches Next Wave of Business Communications Software

Microsoft released unified communications solutions. Contents: Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 which delivers VoIP, video, instant messaging, conferencing and presence. Microsoft Office Communicator 2007, client software for phone, instant messaging and video communications. Microsoft Office Live Meeting, advanced conferencing service. Microsoft RoundTable, conferencing phone. Service pack update for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. Available immediately.... read more »

Promisec Unveils Endpoint Compliance & Governance Solution for the Distributed Enterprise with Global Command and Control of the Insider Threat

Promisec announced Promisec InnerSpace, its clientless enterprise security management solution. Key features: defined security parameters tailored to specific endpoint groups, customization of search criteria, and secure access to management consoles, among others. Available immediately.... read more »

Atreus Systems Delivers Next Generation Enterprise VoIP Activation Solution for Service Providers

Atreus Systems released version 3.0 of Enterprise VoIP, its VoIP provisioning solution for service providers. Key enhancements: support for the BroadWorks release 14 platform; additional control for license tracking and consumption; and enhanced group feature support for trunk groups, hunt groups, instant call groups and call centers; among others. Available immediately.... read more »

Email Systems Launches True End-to-End Encryption

Email Systems released Private Post Desktop and Private Post Gateway, its email encryption solutions. Allows the recipient of an email, which has been encrypted using a public key, to securely obtain a private key and decrypt the message on receipt. Desktop allows a user to decide whether to encrypt a message at send time. Gateway puts encryption and decryption at the boundary of the corporate network. Available immediately.... read more »