Prevx Introduces Prevx eSAC for Rapid Pre-transaction Defense Against Spyware, Crimeware and Rootkits for Banking, Brokerage and eCommerce Websites and their Customers

Prevx annouinced Prevx eCommerce Secure Access Checker, its solution for checking a client PC for active spyware, crimeware and rootkit infections prior to logon. Key features: utilizes Prevx Computer Security Investigator scanner technology and automated malware research, does not require end user installation, and compatible with all Windows XP, 2000, 2003 and VISTA operating systems, […]... read more »

Coventi Pages Launches New Professional and Server Editions

Coventi released new versions of Coventi Pages, its collaborative tool for document authoring and review. Key features: document editing control, contextual discussion capabilities, and document review and approval processes, among others. Available immediately. read more »

Putting Security in a Positive Light – A Guide to Proactively Managing Endpoint Risk

Lumension Security released “Putting Security in a Positive Light – A Guide to Proactively Managing Endpoint Risk,” its whitepaper. Discusses the Positive Security Model as an emerging alternative to traditional IT security technologies, five steps to positive security and real-world examples and case studies of the positive security model succeeding where traditional methods proved ineffective.... read more »

Active Voice Advances Popular Unified Messaging System

Active Voice announced version 10.0 of Repartee, its unified messaging solution. Available November 2007.... read more »

Groupware File Sharing and Company email Now Easier for Small and Mid-size Businesses With New Groupware Offering From Inftek, Inc.

InfTek announced iSharePro, its hosted Exchange alternative for SMBs. Key features: enables sharing of email, calendars, and files; web access; and DirectConnect application that enables clients to synchronize accounts to Microsoft Outlook; among others. ... read more »

More evidence of why Microsoft, AOL, Google, and Yahoo must work together on spam

Article discussing how if Microsoft, AOL, Google, and Yahoo would settle on a handful of anti-spam standards that they�d universally support there would be a significant drop off in spam.... read more »

Google Begins ‘Gmail 2.0’ Rollout

Article discussing Gmail’s new look which has been made available to about 1% of all Gmail users and is being rolled out to the rest on an ongoing basis. ... read more »

Essential Guide to Mobile Deployment

Nokia released “Essential Guide to Mobile Deployment,” its whitepaper. Details how to effectively select, manage, and deploy mobile solutions. Available immediately.... read more »

An Introduction to Mobile Management

Nokia released “An Introduction to Mobile Management,” its whitepaper. Details the key issues for enterprise mobility and device management and how enterprise management platforms can help. Available immediately.... read more »

Calgoo Software releases a new product, Calgoo Connect v1.2

Calgoo Software released version 1.2 of Calgoo Connect, its solution that two-way synchronization between Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar. Available immediately.... read more »

Mobile Device Security – The Eight Areas of Risk

Nokia released “Mobile Device Security – The Eight Areas of Risk,” its whitepaper. Presents an in-depth look into the eight key areas of securing wireless devices. Available immediately.... read more »

Yahoo India launches e-mail, messaging in Hindi

Article discussing Yahoo! India’s announcement that it will provide various online services including e-mail and instant messaging in Hindi and other regional languages.... read more »

Iron Mountain To Acquire Stratify, Inc.

Iron Mountain announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Stratify, a provider of electronic discovery services for the legal market, for approximately $158 million. The acquisition is expected to close by the end of 2007. read more »

Iron Mountain Acquires Stratify, Enhancing E-Discovery Services