Coventi Pages Launches New Professional and Server Editions

Coventi released new versions of Coventi Pages, its collaborative tool for document authoring and review. Key features: document editing control, contextual discussion capabilities, and document review and approval processes, among others. Available immediately.... read more »

Connect the Google dots: In war on spam, GMail’s IMAP support hints at ‘auto-unsubscribe’ standard

Article discussing the war on spam and what Google may be planning to do to solve some of the problems.... read more »

Prevx Introduces Prevx eSAC for Rapid Pre-transaction Defense Against Spyware, Crimeware and Rootkits for Banking, Brokerage and eCommerce Websites and their Customers

Prevx annouinced Prevx eCommerce Secure Access Checker, its solution for checking a client PC for active spyware, crimeware and rootkit infections prior to logon. Key features: utilizes Prevx Computer Security Investigator scanner technology and automated malware research, does not require end user installation, and compatible with all Windows XP, 2000, 2003 and VISTA operating systems, among others.... read more »