Office Communications Server Raises Risk for Legal Discovery

Bill Gates took the stage in San Francisco on October 17, 2007, to announce Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS). OCS replaces Microsoft's Live Communications Server, adding important features for Internet telephony and videoconferencing. OCS represents a major launch for Microsoft and ushers in a new era of integrated communication. Using OCS, users can now communicate via phone, email, video, and instant messaging -- all from a single PC.

However, OCS raises important concerns for legal discovery and archival of digital phone information. At present, discovery is limited to email and instant messaging communication, and excludes phone conversations due to the legacy of analog phone systems. OCS and other Internet phone systems are predicted to replace existing analog PBXes in the coming years. This raises the distinct possibility that digital telephone records will need to be archived, the same as email.

Be aware of the potential for legal risk if your organization is considering a move from PBXes to software-based telephones.

... Bob Spurzem

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