Interesting Compilation of Data Leaks

Something like 35 states require organizations that lose customer data to disclose the losses publicly. maintains an interesting list of those losses. Here are some recent entries:

  • HM Revenue & Customs (U.K.). 20 Nov 2007. Names, addresses, and National Insurance numbers of 25,000,000 lost in mail.
  • Ohio Masonic Home / Battelle & Battelle LLC. 17 Nov 2007. At least 600 have personal information on stolen laptop.
  • U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. 16 Nov 2007. 1.8 million Social Security numbers found on home computer of former contractor.
  • Service Canada. 16 Nov 2007. Personal information of 1,600 on stolen laptop.
  • Kansas State University. 16 Nov 2007. 128 student Social Security numbers exposed on Web site.
  • A.J. Falciani Realty Company. 16 Nov 2007. Social Security numbers, names, addresses, and dates of birth of between 500 and 1,000 on stolen computers.
  • Roudebush VA Medical Center. 16 Nov 2007. Stolen computers contain Social Security numbers and names of about 12,000 veterans.
  • Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital. 13 Nov 2007. Medical information of 270 children on stolen memory stick.
  • Commerce Bancorp. 13 Nov 2007. Social Security numbers and account numbers given out by employee.
  • The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (U.K.). 13 Nov 2007. 50,000 online visa applications exposed on Web site.

... David Ferris, with thanks to our friend Jeff Ubois

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