IBM Sametime Gets Better PBX, VoIP Transparency

IBM recently announced that its unified communications (IM, video, VoIP, etc.) product, Sametime, will have some important new middleware added in mid-to-late 2008, dubbed "Unified Telephony."

Today's business phone systems are a mishmash of different PBX and VoIP systems. Many different technical interfaces are available.

IBM's middleware will shield the differences between these systems from higher-level software. It will enable Sametime to provide the same services over a wide variety of underlying phone systems. Sametime users will have the same experience, irrespective of the underlying phone systems.

This is a good thing. While standard interfaces for VoIP systems are likely to be common, traditional PBXes and voicemail systems will be around for five to 10 years. They all have their different interfaces, and the less that IT has to fiddle with the details of those interfaces, the better.

... David Ferris

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