Voicemail Invented in 1877?

When did voicemail first appear? You could argue it was in 1877. On November 29, 1877, Thomas Edison demonstrated his invention, a hand-cranked phonograph that recorded sound on grooved metal cylinders. Edison shouted verses of “Mary Had a Little Lamb” into the machine, which played back his voice. Soon after, Edison invented voicemail, in the […]... read more »

TSCP Publicly Releases Secure E-mail Specifications

Roadmap for Safeguarding E-mail Communication Meets A&D’s Rigorous Standards... read more »

Omtool and eSped Streamline Document Sharing in Special Education

Partnership of Two Massachusetts Companies Helps School Districts Simplify Special Education Document Management... read more »

MPC Chooses NorthSeas Software for its New MailFRAME E-mail Archiving

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NorthSeas Announces E-mail Archiving Solutions Based on Intel Server Systems

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Secure Computing’s Webwasher Anti-Malware Engine Beats Leading Vendors to Win Top Honors in Comparative Review

Webwasher Employs Proven Technology to Provide Superior Detection in a Rapidly Evolving Threat Environment... read more »

FaceTime Releases IM and P2P Malware Findings for 2007

Predicts 2008 Threat Landscape Expanding to Social Networking Sites, Total Number of Greynets to reach 1,000... read more »

Commtouch Releases Year-End Email Threat Report

Massive, Indestructible Zombie Networks Threaten Internet... read more »

Microsoft Announces Offer to Acquire Fast Search & Transfer

Companies’ combined expertise, technology will help businesses capitalize on the power of enterprise search... read more »