Ferris Publishes Comprehensive Survey of Business Email Systems

Ferris Research has completed the most comprehensive survey to date of business email systems, interviewing more than 900 companies around the world about their preferred vendor, upgrade patterns, plans for migration, and what they pay for their software. The report looks at small (1-99 employees), medium (100-999 employees), and large (1000+ employees) organizations in the following vertical markets: financial services, government, manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunications, education, and computer-related. Of the respondents, 654 are based in North America, with the remainder primarily in Europe.

"This is by far the largest survey ever done on messaging systems, and we think the results will be of great interest to any vendor looking for real data about the nature of the market and where it's going," said David Ferris, president and senior analyst. "The reality is that vendors often know how many total units of a particular product they've sold, but breaking down that data by customer size and vertical is often beyond their reach, as is understanding upgrade or migration patterns. This report gives vendors raw numbers about market penetration of products and product versions, as well as valuable insight into user behavior. The data will help them develop their product roadmaps and strategies more effectively, as well as provide IT departments with insight into the plans of their peers."

For more information, see https://www.ferris.com/?p=318858. The report is free to paid subscribers of Ferris information service and $2,495 for others: purchase from the website.

... David Ferris

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