Microsoft to Add Call Center Capability?

Microsoft has been putting substantial resources into unified communications. This will presumably make for some substantial competition between Cisco and Microsoft, around the call center.

Call centers are found in most large companies -- and many small ones -- and are vital to customer communications, help desk, client service, and telesales functions. They typically come with stringent requirements around call handling, hold times, reporting on agent call metrics, supervisory capabilities, automatic help desk ticketing, and so on. As Microsoft’s Office Communications Server (OCS) matures, Microsoft will do well to focus on call center functionality in order to be taken seriously when set against Cisco’s unified communications stack.

One might reasonably expect Microsoft to be on the lookout to acquire companies that are building call center functionality that works with OCS 2007. Hopefully we will see numerous enhancements over and above OCS 2007 functionality to make Microsoft a serious contender in this corner of the market.

... David Sengupta

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