Iron Mountain Testing Subscription E-Discovery

Iron Mountain Digital and Stratify are testing out subscription services for e-discovery. Pricing is still evolving. There are currently three tiers:

  • "XLR8". Search-only review without project management support or dedicated database.
  • Enhanced. Limited Concept Folders without dedicated project management or dedicated database. "Concept Folders" are a Stratify-specific concept, referring to automated clustering of ESI into a hierarchy of folders.
  • Premium. Full-featured Concept Folders, dedicated project management and database, outside counsel access.

Current charges are mainly based on per-GB-per-matter. Typically this amounts to around $2,000 to $2,500 per GB per case. The new subscription service fees will be a fixed amount over some period, typically a year. They will be based on estimating the data use, and applying some discount.

This probably reflects, in part, growing concern on the part of customers, with respect to what they're being charged for storage. Many organizations have found that costs have become excessively high, and way out of budget. So services offering hosted storage are having to respond. Some brave startups are even moving to providing storage at no charge.

... David Ferris

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